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Learn how to protect your employees, inventory & facility from the harmful side effects of Sweating Slab Syndrome.

For any facility experiencing sweating slab issues, this guide will cover the best options available to address this dangerous problem. 3dcover-Reducing-the-Risk-of-Sweating-Slab-Syndrome-in-Your-Facility-1.pngInside, you'll discover:

  • How to diagnose Sweating Slab Syndrome in your facility
  • A simple symptoms checklist
  • Why improving air movement is the best way to reduce the risk of sweating slabs.
  • 6 specific tips to reduce Sweating Slab Syndrome in your facility

"Employee morale is a top priority, and the massive column of air the MacroAirFan circulates [in one of the most humid climates in the country] makes it an atrractive solution." Coca-Cola Orlando

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